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The fine sawn finish and 20mm rebate make our Rebated Feather Edge great value and easy to fit.


It has a 173mm cover and is traditionally used horizontally and should be fixed with Stainless fixings.


Often used for Houses, garden structures or facades that require the traditional Weather Board look.


Whether you choose to finish it with Cedar Oil or left to go a natural silver grey this profile will look amazing!


We specialise in using Western Red Cedar. It is generally in stock but can be made to order for each customer, making them ideal for immediate use by anyone working on a construction project - from professional builders to DIY enthusiasts.

If you are beginning cladding work, we also have all the additional fixings and trims you will need for your project.


Western Red Cedar Rebated Feather Edge Cladding

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Cedar Profiles

British Rebated Feather Edge Cladding



Price -


Ex 200 x 32 x 20 x 7 x 3600 – 173mm cover

£11.95 + VAT


Ex 150 x 32 x 19 x 5 x 3600 – 130mm cover

£7.20 + VAT

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Trims, Corner Posts, Fixings and Cedar Oil are available from Code 6 Timber Suppliers to suit this profile.

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Corner Posts

Imported Western Red Cedar


19mm x 63mm x 3.6m = £17.95 + VAT

19mm x 63mm x 2.4m = £11.95 + VAT

Homegrown Western Red Cedar


22mm x 63mm x 3.6m =

£15.00 + VAT

22mm x 63mm x 2.4m =

£10.50 + VAT

Red Grandis


22mm x 63mm x 3.4m =

£17.43 + VAT