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We profile a range of British grown and Imported timbers for DIY projects, construction and commercial applications for Cladding and Decking - and now we are proud to offer our range of quality contemporary timber fencing in Red Grandis and Western Red Cedar.



Red Grandis which is praised as a premium quality hardwood with significantly less knots, and is cheaper than much of our imported Western Red Cedar.


Hardwood Red Grandis & Imported Western Red Cedar Fencing


Red Grandis is a high-grade clear timber thats growing in popularity as its able to deliver a consistent appearance, grain and workability, making it an ideal choice for our fencing or cladding.


We are able to supply our red grandis fencing as rainscreen or PSE profiles, if you have any special requirements then please call us to confirm.

Red Grandis Fencing


Board = 22mm x 3200 PSE

              (Planed Square Edge)



Price - £4.85 Per Length 43mm       Ex VAT

Price - £9.75 Per Length 93mm       Ex VAT

           £30.46 M2                            Ex VAT

Trims, Corner Posts, Fixings and Cedar Oil are available from Code 6 Timber Suppliers to suit this all fencing.

               Made to order:


Board = 22mm x 93mm x 3200




Price - £10.75 Per Length          Ex VAT

            £33.59 M2                      Ex VAT

Well known for its rich grain and vibrant colours, Western Red Cedar is a favourite for many who wish to add a focal point, dividing screen or rejuvinating their perimiter fencing.

With excellent stability and durability this long-lasting timber will age gracefully and last for many years.


We provide both imported and British Western Red Cedar which botanically are the same species of tree although the British is generally paler in colour, faster growing and contains more knots making it not suitable for smaller sections.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Imported Western Red Cedar Fencing




19mm x 140mm x 2400 = £14.40 + VAT

19mm x 140mm x 3600 = £21.60 + VAT

British Western Red Cedar Fencing




19mm x 140mm x 2400 = £7.86 + VAT

19mm x 140mm x 3600 = £11.79 + VAT