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Our picture is a sample of our own cladding taken on the premises.


British grown Cedar will have knots but only 15-20% will have the odd dead knot.


Product images show Door & Window trim (See cladding page for prices)


We specialise in using Western Red Cedar. It is generally in stock or made to order for each customer, making them ideal for immediate use by anyone working on a construction project - from professional builders to DIY enthusiasts.

If you are beginning cladding work, we also have all the additional fixings and trims you will need for your project.


Western Red Cedar Bead and Butt Cladding

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Cedar Profiles

British Bead & Butt Cladding

Imported Bead & Butt Cladding



This is a traditional profile of cladding favoured by craftsmen of times past.

Used vertically for a period look and very much back in fashion now.


Great for constructing the classic Boulton and Paul style garden summerhouses.



Board = 140 x 19

Random lengths 2.4m - 3.6m with 130mm cover.





Price - £6 Per Linear Meter


           £46.20 Per Square Meter      Ex VAT

Board = 140mm x 19mm x 3.6m

with 130mm cover



Price -  £3.43 per linear meter

            £12.35 per length

            £26.41 per square meter   Ex VAT

Board = 140mm x 19mm x 2.4m

with 130mm cover 



Price - £3.43 per linear meter

           £8.23 per length

           £26.41 per meter squared       Ex VAT

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Corner Posts

Imported Western Red Cedar


19mm x 63mm x 3.6m = £18.75 + VAT

19mm x 63mm x 2.4m = £12.50 + VAT

Homegrown Western Red Cedar


22mm x 63mm x 3.6m =

£15.00 + VAT

22mm x 63mm x 2.4m =

£10.50 + VAT